Chanel Iman Stalk!

Chanel Iman

Sooo I, Mbalir have totally lost my mind being back here in South Africa. I promised to add more posts, and did not live up to it… ugh. That means that I lied. I LIED!! Well on this fine South African evening, I am not going to pledge anything. I am just going to say that when the time comes, I will post and talk about the things that are relevant to me, When they are!

I could talk about SAA and Justice, and my amazing trip to the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange), but all that would be passe, so… I will just talk about something that is a constant. My love for Chanel Iman!

Chanel ImanChanel ImanImage Source:

Sorry again to all the loyal readers… I’ll try harder  to be more consistant.


2 thoughts on “Chanel Iman Stalk!

  1. Love the post. Chanel is absolutely gorgeous and those heels are insane! The purple Viktor & Rolf dress is just pure art!

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