10 Things I learned these past weeks

  1. Family’s great, but it’s a numbers game, so the more the merrier…
  2. Toddlers teach you humility
  3. Supersize me anytime, just don’t expect me to eat them all in one sitting
  4. Lemon juice and milk are really not friends
  5. Mazda Fury does not accept cheques
  6. Popcorn tastes better in good company
  7. The calendar has been mine enemy since getting delayed in Madrid by a full day
  8. Patriotism is food for the phsyce… It’s great to see people flying ‘em high and proud
  9. South Africans are super duper friendly and the Rosebank flee market is really neat! So many things to buy, so few Rands…
  10. 10. Internet is great. Capless Internet is better

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