Can they make a comeback?

I was silent… Then I became all politcal… so shall I put the FASH in the moniker? okay… you don’t get huh? it’s cool. How about: LETS BE FRIV’!

I was wondering… Now that Burberry (and many others) has given us the shearling trend. Does this mean that those who made the investment should break out their Ugg Boots? I mean, post 2003-04 they were deemed a fashion disaster (along with the colourful LV monogram overnight bags), is it now safe for them to come out?

I am not saying they are good, or bad. I am genuinely concerned as to what protocol is in situations like this. I mean… Do we ignore, nay forget that the fashion authorities used to arrest people for committing the once viewed to be morbid crime of wearing Uggs?

 Cuentame por favor…


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