My Black is Beautiful

During the summer holidays (anda fur me they jos keep ona goen), I became obsessed with centric’s RetroCentric. Soulful gorgeous music that I knew for sure I would not hear on any other station. It was marvelous!

But all of that has made me a little “centric”, so to copy the wonderful words of the TV1 Pioneers, its that time of the year again where I just have to dote on how MY BLACK is not only beautiful, it’s magnificent. We are all black when the lights go out, but it is our shades in black that matters. Mine is two toned, flawed, scarred, gashed and stretched. I might not show off every part of it, but just know the parts I like, I show, because my flawed, bumpy black is still beautiful!

Tuesday’s Black is Beautiful: Arlenis Sosa, picture and brief biography follows

She was born in 1989, and is an Dominican model, AND she is 3 years older than me. She appeared in the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Two weeks after she signed, she booked her first editorials for major magazines Vogue and Vogue Italia.She since has been featured in editorials and articles in Teen Vogue, Interview, Harper’s Bazaar. Her runway debut was at the Banana Republic F/W 08, and later walked for the Dior Resort show, and opened for Oscar de la Renta. Very modestly she quips:”Anna Wintour sent me to the Met ball the first week I arrived in New York – I felt like Cinderella!” Way to make her dreams come true, verdad?


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