My Black is Beautiful: Dania Ramirez

I have to admit that this is the absolute first time that I have heard of Dania as a Covergirl Model, AND it was only because I saw her in my September issue of Harper’s Bazaar doing Ad Campaign. Sad right? Well how about we get to know a little about her then shall we? More pictures to follow…

 First time I saw Dania, Admittedly it was not as Blanca on the Sopranos, but rather as Maya on lost and then again on Entourage. Yes you guessed it ladies and gents. SHE’S AN ACTRESS… I know that originally I had set out to find supermodels, but I tell you, it is very hard to find a woman of colour who is not in Maxim or XXL. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it’s just not what I am looking for.

About Dania: Well she is from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, and she was discovered by a model scout when she was in Los Angeles at the wonderful age of 15. She chose to act instead and that’s just about when she went to the NYC and studied at the Flo Academy…

I like her… And she’s today’s edition of “My Black is Beautiful” todavia. Enjoy

Source: Internet Movie Database


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