SATC will result in Weight Loss

Ignore the funny math equation and just freak out with me a little….I didn’t and have never wanted to openly admit this, but I think Miss Tyra Banks was on to something when she told us how she lost weight.  She said that she walked then ran for 30 minutes aka during an entire episode of Sex and The City, she went on to talk about how she owns the whole dvd set trilogy whatever.. WELL Recently I have been suffering from the bain called insomnia and no matter what I do or take (short of a pill), nothing can seem to get me in bed earlier than 9 am. SO sunday night I was probably just going to have to suffer until I get a clever plan on how to trick me body, or at least my body clock.


Then it dawned on me. Whilst I was was TBS it really slapped me across the face that I had been shlumping on the couch during a time when I could have burned all those calories consumed during dinner. “hmmm” I said, “This is worth at least a shot.” So dressed up and ready I began to jog to the show… since I am on a tight budget and am a member of a very conservative family, I don’t own any of the episodes  BUT I watch them every night on TBS AND manage to work through-out the entire hour. During the ad breaks I do some resistance training and then get back up and on it running when the show continues.

I am a little sore, but I feel great otherwise… and hey, it’s encouraged me to even re-examine the sort of food that I put into my mouth, so thank you Tyra, what a pity that you are no longer on the air.

Source: Tumblr


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