The Price of… Getting Paid?

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I must have been tripping on endorphins, but when i tuned into the BBC news this morning there was an interesting news report on a charming french film called L’italian (ugh someone check my spelling) about how in France there is racism in the job market, for example: if you have an arabic name and live in a certain part of town, your likelihood of getting employment dwindle down… This film is really clever and in a sense apparently teaches the parties affected how to possibly evade this quagmire, i.e Changing your Arabic name to something more..French(?)…Anyone seen the film and want to comentate?
See the Video here

Speaking of France, I haven’t been talking about how my black is beautiful. nope it hasn’t started cracking yet. hehehe the model of the day is Noémie Lenoir and as you can probably guess yes yes she is french! I love her. she is gorgeous, and contrar to what is stipulated in the unwritten book of how to keep a black model down, even though she has light shades, she has managed to snap the cover of french vogue a couple of times, and that in itself is quit an accomplishment.
Politics aside, she is lovely… I wanted to know a little more about her, and of course look at more regal pictures. In the glorious vogue pictures she was photographed by Mario Testino. Oh such skill… such fabuleaux… such drama… I want to take photos that have that much depth too one day. I shall practicize with my doble digit megapix sony… Ugh yes yes yes in 2009 she attempted to take her own life, but lets just ignore that bit shall we?

Lenoir was first spotted by Ford Models when she was 16 years old. In 2001, Lenoir signed with L’Oréal, but most recently she made her cameo in Usher’s Daddy’s Home (Hey Daddy) music video. Oh dont get me wrong, she has done some fierce things too, such as appear in the same mags alongside legends such as Twiggy, worked for: Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Next, Marks and Spencer, and hosted Trace TV for 2 years… Neat right?


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