Web Messing, Prowling and Trolling…

Sos I asks myself earlier on today, I says to myself…I says: “When was the last time you went on TopShop, Zara and Mango websites?”. The answer was a thoughtful pause and then a fumbling “it’s been a long time?” whilst shrugging my shoulders. But then it really got to me. To a point where I wanted to do something about it. I decided that I was just going to just see them, for all times sake and then… BOOM! Freak out seshs followed suite… THE ZARA LOOKBOOK looks freaking amazing. (No not because I am biased… and am loving the sexy “metro” look of the girls) The styling is off the charge, and I found myself passively quoting Rachel Zoe (who is in Harper’s Bazaar this month. Looking majour as, and constantly dying… Whether Electrocuted by Marc Jacobs or bludgeoned with a shoes


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