Oh Mi Gad! Monday

Soo my web server has been really bitchy, and that is the reason why I have not been able to make a stable post in like nearly seven days. Yesss I counted! Its not like I am addicted, but I just really like posting… Its Bah-Nah-Naz! lol yes I watched the Rachel Zoe project last night, so I am decked out in 70s bell bottomz, and a gorgeous white A-line peasant top. I think Miss Zoe would be proud. I have golden bangles and cupps, sans platform shoes… What? Baby steps.

Anyway, here is what I have been “dying” to blaag about:

1) I absolutely Loved Kerri Washington’s Makeup in the biopic Ray. I want to try it someday… She is gorgeous isn’t she?

2)Its really crazy how John Galliano did practically the ultimate flower inspired garden Haute Couture for Dior (Paris, I know NY just had its HC shows so I was a little confused too). It’s such a pity that the J&B Met’ is already over. That would have totally provided people with more inspiration as the theme was “flowers” of course… Sigh

3)Speaking of Haute Couture, I really liked Armani Privé. The 3 pieces are totally inspired. By that I mean, my mother would probably be inspired to buy me something like that as a send-off gift than a Rolex. Yes… You guessed it, I have not completely settled on getting that SAS watch, and a part of me just wants to get the Cartier watch just because it will be my Cartier. Come on!

4)Chanel’s haute couture (paying homage to Coco Chanel’s star sign, Leo) reminded me a lot of Balmain and just opulence overall. It was really pretty and the colours were rich, happy, and very 70s. I loved it, even though there were no signs of pants, anywhere! Did i mention how I have gone all seventies? Yes, I lusted over round frame glasses for over 3 years, and they never materialized (in Cuba where I live, and South Africa and Miami where I shop) so I settled on a pair that I saw an uncle of mine wearing in his pubescent passport photo from the 80s. That was it! Viste…

Image Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


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