Singapore…I Miss You!

I really miss Singapore. More and more I feel the urge, nay the need to go back to that island and traumatize myself with just how much that place has changed. oh well… back to the reason why I feel this way:

I was looking at the weekend Herald Tribune watsit and there was some article about the Formula One Grand Prix… I am not even going to pretend like I read the article, but then I just went into my own world. This morning, I come to the embassy to do my rounds, and what do I find on my reading list updates? Fashion Gone Rogue has a couple of stills from Style Singapore October 2010 edition.

Well… According to The Artist and His Model:

Wee Khim fell into photography when he assisted his uncle, Chua Soo Bin, an established photographer of the ’80s, in his youth.

And now we are fortunate enough to have these photogs of which to muse and mull over… I really miss that island! The model is Julia of Ave Models and the shoot was styled by Sharon Tulasidas. Most of the designs featured are from Celine, Chanel etc. (Basically the most notable FW designers) .

Of course for more images, be sure to head on over to Fashion Gone Rogue


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