Domina Naomi Domina!

She.Is.Regal! I don’t know if I should like this or not, but it’s in Interview magazine’s October Issue. The photogs were shot by Mert & Marcus and the shoot was style by Karl Templer utilizing looks from Lanvin, Bottega Venetta, etc…

Naomi plays a dominatrix (hence the title of this post), it’s a little freaky though (yeah yeah considering a violent history) no actually because well I just think that sorta thing isfreaky. What do you all think? There are more images, but you’ll just have to click click to get them.

*Clear throat* The other stuff was a little too graphic, so yours trully decide that she would not put them up here. If you are that much of a freak, head on over to Fashion Gone Rogue for the rest.

3 thoughts on “Domina Naomi Domina!

  1. This isn’t so much about being a Dominatrix but a creative look at the violent Russian Bath House scene, where Viggo Mortensen fights naked, in ‘Eastern Promises’. (Yes, full-on naked!!) 😉

  2. Phwa really?! That’s a little deeper than I thought it would be. Thanks for the info, and I just couldn’t do the naked pics. Trying to keep things PG….13 😛

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