My SS11 Faves

So I think it is pretty safe to guess that for Spring Summer trend wise we are looking at 60s for formal events, 70s bohemian for sartorial bliss (Europe), and 90s for the young’ns such as myself (New York)? If I am wrong, please don’t hold back on letting me stand corrected. It exhilirates me. *cheese*

I am really really love DSqaured2’s Milan collection. That prep is making me really excited. I also got an amazing pair of shoes from my mum (she had gone to South Africa for the week and it turned out that my older sister had gone shopping and though about sad old me). Oh I love family. If you went to private school, then you’d probably be looking at me funny like: “Why the hell does she want to walk around wearing school socks and school shoes?”.  I guess I (wait for it) miss the uniform. *sigh*

I love the leather skirt. It seems like this is a big piece that transitions…. I didn’t know that leather wearing in the summer time would be okay. But I guess if it’s safe on the runways, I’ll look vogue trying it out in the real way. What do you guys think, would you ever wear leather in the sun?

Inspired by DSquared SS11 Milan

And how about Tommy Hilfiger ladies and gents? That was prep unseen before on the runways, verdad?
That’s it for today. See you all tomorrow, for some more random stuff.  Most likely to mostly be about fashion, although I do have a lead on a couple of stories that I am pursuing, we shall have to see how that plays out. Hasta manana!

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