Mulling: Remember the Daze

One insomniatic evening (oh hell it was 4 am), I decided to watch this movie about a bunch of suburban seniors from 1999. The fun part? The film was about how these seniors pass the time when they are bored, just before life gets a little complicated, in the new millenium.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Remember the Daze directed by Jess Manafort, and starring none other than: “Miss Blaire” Leighton Meester back in the good old days. She dyed her hair blonde for this film (although some people say that it is her natural colour)

How would I interpret all this fashion from the nineties? Keep reading and you will find out

Although the film was not genuinely shot in the nineties, I am far more dark and sinister to just enjoy watching Clueless all day. And another fun fact? The movie’s title was changed from The Beautiful Ordinary. I am trying to figure out why they had come up with that title. “Remember the Daze” seems so appropriate now that I have seen the film.

Forever 21 Floral Organza Dress $25.00 mas o menos

I would most proabably wear either one of these dresses as was styled in the film. (I cant show my shoulders and chest), so it’s all too convenient for me.


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