SFI Style Staples

Olivia Palermo Even though she was always portrayed as the slightly psychopathic Elle umploy-ee, she had crazy style and I remember just sitting in my den being mezmerised by her ability to put together a decent outfit “day in, day out”. It occurred to me that I might even be enamoured by the way she dresses to a point where I am have resorted to flickr stalking? Is that sane? I love her Anya Hindmarch handbag in the second pic. I would sell… I would sell stuff for it. And what about her Hermes Birkin?…. Base Khumalo, would you adopt me please? Rachel Bilson I am no newb to the style of The Bilson. Since her flawless days as the second half of Sethummer, I have pretty much looked to her for clues on how to look effortlessly chic. Who knew looking simple required so much work. And as for your mother’s: “Always take one things off before you head out the door rule”, forget about it! I like the way she takes one key piece and lets it have a moment. Case in point: That Zac Posen bag that I would give an entire day to. I would. I mean… If someone locked me in a gym, and told me to run on the treadmill, the elliptical, AND the stepper. And at the end of the rainbow would be that bag? I would do it! Ashley Olsen and her crocodile fendi? Give a me a moment, I think I will be alright. And as for being (for me) one of the pioneers in how to wear a turband, well I guess I will have to give her props where they are due. MEANWHILE I finally got the flower that I have always wanted from Mr. Jacobs. I am a complete woman, and if I die tomorrow, though I may not own the handbag that I wanted oh so badly, my fragrance shall be that of a daisy.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs-Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz


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