SaFashInt in: The Hurricane that Shook Me

Last week was panning out  (supposedly) to be the best week that I had in a while. For starters, I was acquainted with more people who are going to make some very beneficial additions to my career, thoughts that were waning were no longer so, and now I have some direction, but there was one woman who it seemed was wiling to rain on my parade. Her name: Paula.

I was planning the Miami trip (as demo’ed in “I’m off to Miami Bitches!”), and I was beginning to have many ganas about the entire trip. My complete and utter undoing had to be thursday night. My complete undoing.


When South Florida news channels decided not to focus on their own weather that night, and rather zoom in on the Caribbean, the west of Havana Cuba to be more specific, it did not really bother me (in fact I kept watching as they told me about the 10kmph (6 mph) winds coming at me like Kung Fu Pandas, when I could have just turned the tube off, looked out my windows and watched my Avocado tree fall and ruin my backyard fence) ,hence I did not even think to do the most basic of things that everyone knows to do, during a rainstorm. All my gadgets and electronics were plugged firmly into their wall sockets (to all my South African readers: In the Americas the wall sockets don’t have on/off switches so when something is plugged into the wall, it is using energy (only if it can idle, like a TV or DVD Player) – whether you are using it or not).

I thought I would be treated to some “light drizzles”, a la Meryl Streep as Miranda Priesly in The Devil Wears Prada. Fat chance!

In my defense? I was still dealing with the excitement that: Friday was going to be the most exciting day of the month.

Instead that friday morning I had to gather my water from my cistern (outside next to the carport, which was thankfully no longer flooded), take a cold shower, and brush my teeth with filter water (which is like flushing the toilet with avián – expensive, and excessively impractical), get dressed, and pack the rest of my suitcase with candle-light, because the power lines had treated my mother and I, (who I woke up that dreaded thursday night, as I was in terrors), to a show of lights and fireworks.

I had decided that there was no way I was going to be the only to witness the nightmare and splendor of rainbow lights, moving in a straight line in the sky outside my curtain less reception room, and the smell of burning that permeated the air, and the rear of my TV console, in the family room, on the other side of the sliding door.

A voice inside my head kept telling me that if I watched the light show any longer, my vision would be even more stupid than it already is.

Could this be what armageddon is going to be like?


In synthesis dear reader, I,  Mbali R. have no television set (and it was the LCD that mum gave me in 2005 circa Singapore. The one I had happily enjoyed “The O.C” and “Laguna Beach” marathons with for the wonder years. The Philips that had once resided in her bedroom gathering dust (figuratively of course. Our helper Annilyn kept the house sparkly), before I rescued it and took it to my den.

Until another TV can be imported from Denmark – which if we order now can arrive at the end of the month, I can just forget about seeing the season finale of Jersey Shore (or any other form of trash TV), South Park making fun of New Jersey, the latest season of Gossip Girl on the CW, or even anymore Wendy Williams.

How am I doing? *does hand gesture* Miserable, and lesson learned.


They say you never forget your first, well I will certainly never forget mine… Hurricane that is. Paula was a bitch, and now i know to watch out for anymore weather systems named after males or females.


Electronics out of wall sockets (decoders unplugged), computers far from windows… I am going to pull out all the stops, because I have just returned from Miami, on a flight full of Cubans who were apparently very happy to be returning home – that was my guess, as they ¿drunkenly? sang “Cuba ¡que Linda es!” all the way down the runway, and I am starting to really miss my New York and California NBC, after 3 Miami days of being bombarded with FoxNews, CNN, and local South Florida News. This is the hardest lesson I will ever have to learn. Never again.


Dear Catherine, see you in December!  (yess with the loot. well… what I could find. Fancy anything else?). I’ll do a more SaFashInt job next time, IN NEW YORK!

*Note: Hurricane season 2010 ends November 20th – 30th.



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