Muse. Pray. Mull.

After going and “burning it up” in Miami, I say this all nonchalant, because what I experienced was certainly NOT my idea of b.i.u at all… I came home with so much sadness, I could have probably been able to write “A series of unfortunate events, the sequel” with very little trouble [the weather, the shopping, the loudness of other passengers]. Nine West at Dolphin Mall, I give you an official, online black list.

I NEVER want to hear about you ever again. And as for your other tragic stores. How dare you affiliate yourself with your other countrywide counterparts? NOTHING that was online at the store was at Dolphin Mall. THUS I have come home, bag-less, lace-up-less, and platform pump-less… It was only a matter of time that I settled into my anger and made this post. GRR!!! Time to make another wish list. My Taxi driver had also suggested Dadeland Mall, but he and the rest of Miami can go jump, I am off to the NYC! I know it’s really sad, but I will probably have to go back to Miami regardless, because my sister (who I have to keep happy, since she is the other half that can drive) still wants to go to Miami Beach. What a life, I tell you!

To swing things into a more positive direction, since June, or rather August (I could not go home during World Cup fever, due to Spanish finals. no no no my exams sillies) in South Africa, I managed to find (online and vintage stores which shall for the time being remain a complete secret) and reminisce over the elite Structured, Ladylike bags to mull over from now on…Till my days working the halls of media24 (3 more months I think):

Marni “Pocket Bag” This bag is structured, utilitarian, Autumn/Winter…. Its for the ice princess, or maybe her not so nice minions. Either way. All hail the nineties. But do I see it transitioning into the summer too? You bet your cellulite-free rear-end! I see this bag going very far. As far into the next generation perhaps. The next generation of the SaFashInt-os to be exact. Oh yes… If Rachel Zoe is allowed to have a legacy, then so am I!

Proenza Schoeler’s “PS 11” This bag makes me think about video games for obvious reasons, (me on the Sims, causing fires, getting my children taken away from me, and finally dying of starvation from not going to work), and with its grunge looks I can totally understand why yon Dabas or Dabits would not mind waiting lists for this bag. Its like… When a rockstar bag married a Dutchess and they had a baby… It is for the privileged, who still want to rebel, and feel like they are doing something slightly forbidden, or socially felonious.


Dior’s “3D Bag” Well… Not to be outdone by movies and television sets -I presume-, Dior has made a three dimensional bag that looks to me like its paying mad respects to the Saddle bag (which I totally lusted for in my Junior High School days), but was never smart enough to buckle down and purchase, unlike my mate Alicia Sim, who constantly toted hers, much to my nightmarish envy. I can remember the first time I asked, is that the d-, “Dior saddle bag?” she completed, “yeah”, then proceeded to carefully inspect its minor details, as though checking if I had scratched it with my eyes from across the room… Of course I dared not say anything further, but I did let it slip to another gal pal, that I would have chosen another colour. What a bitch I was. She had the last laugh though…


Louis Vuitton’s “Speedy” I love this bag. In pastel colours it looks ultra chic and ultra modern. I swear, there is nothing worse than lugging around a granny-esque bag around campus, or is there? I have it on very good opinion now that Long and lean is in, (in the sixties, they called it the midi length skirt!- It, and the maxi dress are back in full force for those who have been hibernating), so that means: Short and overtly “sexy” is out. What does it spell-out for us corpulent gals? Well… We still have to hit the gym since it’s long and lean and not Long and Lard-assed. ¡Que magnifico!

Gucci’s “1973” It has monogram (for the Carbonado/Bort in you), but it is also totally understated, and I guess that’s what matters. It’s mum’s birthday next week, and if your mother is a Mogul (I’m talking to you children of B. Khumalo, and N. Maholwana Sangqu), Minister or Deputy Minister, DG or DDG, be sure to get her something along these lines, you might just never be grounded again (even if those drugs you were caught holding at school, really were for a friend)… For us mere mortals? Lets just muse and mull, and pray that someday we shall afford these, although I don’t know how Gareth Cliff would feel about ministers toting Gucci bags. Do I sense a book title coming along? “Muse, Mull and Pray”. I am really killing myself with these jokes, where are they coming from? Join me.





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