The Cool List from NME

Though some people have questioned whether or not NME is a good enough authority to even make a cool list, I say: “Long as Monae is on the top of it, I don’t care who else you put into it.” Here are some of my standout people:

Cee Lo Green

Yes… The F..k You guy. I think he is pretty cool. He featured on Estelle’s Shine Album on a song called “Love me, Pretty Please”, and funny enough that song was actually the deciding factor for me, when I think back on it. If I had not heard that song, I probably would not have bothered to get the Estelle album. So, they did not fluff on that one

Gucci Mane

Here is where things tend to get a little bit hazy for me. Why oh why  is yet another rapper, who went to jail, and can’t stop talking about all his money featured on a list that has some of the most interesting creatives? Does he have some special swag that us mere mortals are not privy to? Can he perhaps heal the blind upon them touching his “bling bling”?

Gaga… Nicki Minaj

The reason why I didn’t even bother to spend much time talking about Lady Gaga’s being on the list? It’s a given. Come on, Gaga runs this planet. Nicki Minaj’s album Pink Friday is coming out next month? and according to the NME cool list, she is bound to be everywhere.

Willow Smith

She did it! She managed to do it before even the first decade of her life… I won’t hate, congratulations young lady.

Jay Z

Apart from the fact that he signed both Willow and Rihanna? Well… NME would like to call him our Elvis now. I don’t mind, even if he keeps on coming out of retirement. I know, he is married to the game first and foremost, he’ll quit when he is finished.

Number 3 on the cool list: Kanye West

YUP! It’s not only official, but it is a little… passe. Kanye is back, and that Molotov Cocktail he said he threw on his career has completely burned out, and it’s time for him to raise it from the ashes a la phoenix.

And slightly above Mr West… on the number two spot, is my favourite of all people. The artist, who is no longer lost in a cybertronic purgatory. The lady who introduced us to the jazzy beats of metropolis. Janelle Monae!


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