You Looking A Little Heavy Baby

Heavy heavy, you’ve got’ so heavy baby Well… Since my new name is Teeveelos, the predicament has caused me to go into my very small DVD collection and watch what I can watch to keep myself from thinking of the somewhat futility of nighttime (that’s as angst as I can get…), and so for the past few days it’s been the family friendly film: Marmaduke, the first part of Love and Other Disasters (which I really liked, but I ran out of time, so I could not watch it to the end… Then I completely forgot about it, and moved on). My penultima sibling took the iMac and moved it to our TV console, so to the untrained eye it looks as though we bought a chic new Apple television set. Not so.

On Saturday night I watched Dreamgirls, and I could not help but feel completely inspired by MOST of the wardrobe, but none of their performance stuff. That was a little too glam for me. I liked the “normal” stuff… Midi skirts, pencil capris, men shirts, Leather dresses, Leather… I cannot wait to try these out for myself, and don’t even get me started on the makeup, so exciting. Off to Woolworths when I get home! Enjoy my snapshots, mind you, note the coat that Jennifer Hudson (¿Effie?..spelling, when I say that name I just think about Skins [Britannia channel 4]) was wearing in the opening scene. I think you can find that at Topshop now…well. *sorry about the quality, I was watching the DVD on VLC Player:


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