Looked In The Mirror Lately?

Bare with me, only if you dare…

The young people of the embargoed/ sanctioned countries, those who I have personally spoken to, and some who I have listened to feel that it is unfair that someone gets to decide what is good for them without their contribution to that decision. Last time they checked, the people collectively are what makes up government, but then again government is left to be interpreted under the umbrella of political system.

Sometimes when I read about: “Young people in South Africa take their liberties for granted”, I roll my eyes at the name of the author. Now, however, my eye sockets are starting to pain me as that mere action has completely turned into a reflex.

The media is very quick to judge and criticize the state of the nation, very quick to judge those it shines its faultless spotlight on, but may I ask you, when was the last time that a full length mirror was cast in their direction?

A state controlled media (depending on its contents) may channel and direct an entire nation towards one goal, or direction. A direction that the powers that be may deem as morally acceptable, and helpful to their system. Most individuals would argue that this controlled media is an asphixiation of any creative thought.

This asphixiation, repression, or marginalization, and opression of independant thought pushes the masses into the clutches of those who want to take advantage of them. It forces people into the unknown territory of the often dangerous and unregulated black market. A market which very rarely ends up being successfully intergrated into a functioning society, as it does not often abide by the rules of society. The biggest example I can find at this moment is the Taxi Industry of South Africa and some “cosmopolitan” states of Africa. The industry has for a long time regulated itself, and any state intervention would not just require a facelift, but rather a complete overhaul of the system, lest it fail the people.

To Be Continued: This is a 6 part entry…..


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