Look In The Mirror Lately, pt 2

The only sane reason (that someone of my naivety can conjure up in their consciousness) to explain the reason why people would risk life and limb to procure a service that they deem neccesary, whether legally or illegally is for the simple fact that it is now neccesary to stay up to date, and on par with ones surroundings, but that is not being done, and the state is doing nothing to enforce it!

This happens greatly in countries that are under dictatorship, or ruled by a system of repression rather than freedom of expression. Such a country’s population would co-exist on two extreme sides of one spectrum:

  1. The underground (REAL) movement of “counter revolutionary” activity secretly bubbling below the surface, just waiting for the right cord to be struck so as to fully be free of  self censoring, and repression. So as to fully and freely express it’s disapproval of the status quo.
  2. The nucleus of the entire matrix. This end of the spectrum controls the entirety of how the government machine operates. Both economically, and ultimately for that very aforementioned reason, politically.

Believe it or not, as has been observed by many independant journalists, this society is created by the media. Many factors played their part (socio-economic factors), but all are largely dwarfed by the gargantuan part that the media plays in ensuring and securing the future of its viewers, namely you and I.

Group 1 may have found stimuli (from external sources usually) that counters everything that Group 2 had been telling it about themselves and the world around them. At this point, Group 1 becomes resentful of its situation, and very much more resentful of Group 2. Group 2 finds that although they may be able to influence Group 1, they are not able to do that without some resistance. An example is Iran.

The citizen is being cornered into a little box, which affords them very little knowledge of the world around them, and the culture of the global village. It is as though they don’t even exist. Everything is decided for you, and you simply are not allowed a moment of independant thought – that is as close to immoral as a spaghetti strap dress. But who got to decide that in the first place?

Nowadays, you can see satellite dishes from the rooftops of apartment buildings in the City of Tehran. A sort of open defiance by the new bourgeoisie of Iran that refuses to be kept out of world affairs any longer, not by the government, and certainly not by the media… The Youth of Iran look forward to the day that they will be able to listen to Rock Music without fear of persecution, and the local rock bands look forward to the day where they will play for more than just each other, and the few people who know of their whereabouts. This is the tragedy of a media that does not fully allow its citizen to participate in its existance (hence the reason why people would rather be glued to a computer screen than a tv screen).

In this modern day, we are so much more interconnected than we perhaps allow ourselves to admit. This interconnectedness also means that we must not be so foolish as to assume that the aforementioned scenario occurs only in relation to State Controlled Media (why then would pay tv be such a viable industry? – people are always looking for a better alternative to what they have). Sometimes as a naive child, I would wonder if the end of apartheid has not taught the grown ups anything at all about sustainability… I wonder, because I would love for them to teach.

Are my darts completely missing the point? If so, please re-read the characteristics of the two “media engineered” citizens one more time and tell me that the same thing does not occur in a far more progressive country like the USA?


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