Para Siempre

…. This is the last SaFashInt post from Havana Cuba, hell! It’s been a ride, but a good one. What have I been up to since the last posting? Plenty, but nothing at all.

We went to our very last dinner last week… Well not like last as in The Last Supper, but more like final as in: The last one that I am going to have as part of the family. It was a real tear jerking moment for us, but I try not to think about the fact that I am leaving, rather that I will be right back.

And then in other news, before I upload some of my sartorial escapades (do mind the weight gain, I have been plain ol’ stuffing myself like a thanksgiving turkey, whilst getting ready for the drought of student life). It’s an evolutionary thing. Only the fat survive.


And those are the outfits that I wore (early in the morning) on said days when I was “off”. Don’t mind me… I didn’t bother with the styling too much, as I was hella tired.

I will come out with better stuff in the future though, that I can promise


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