Rotten Apples

This is my take on the Rotten Tomatoes movie review. I give myself an opportunity to watch the exceptionally under, and overrated movies of the year 2009 and 2010.

I finally got to see Avatar – The movie that stole the spotlight from a much more deserving and less cliche District 9 (well… I make it sound like I was anticipating the movie or something. Rather) I made myself finally see the film because it has been an entire year, and there has been enough cooling period. Now I would like to know what the fuss was about. Was it really worth all the trouble, or as Aziz Ansari put it: did it just “look like a video game”?

The Jury is no longer out: My opinion is still unchanged. Avatar is just a fancier version of Pocahontas… With blue alien creatures that have tails đŸ˜›

Then… this morning, at around 2:30am, I had the genius idea of watching “The Book of Eli”, even though I knew full well, that it was about damn time that I started packing. Alas, the new flat screen beckoned, and I was glued for quiet a while.

The beginning of the film reminded me a little of that Mel Gibson post apocalyptic movie (nope not Apocalypto, although the title would make you think so). It is a really old film by the name of “Mad Max”… I nearly decided to go to bed, bored as I was. But I soldiered on, and before you could say “let the plot thicken”, the plot thickened…

My only problem with these movies: If we are in a post apocalyptic earth, where the hell does the fuel come from to power your cars? You have an explanation for pretty much everything, but some of these things just fly over my head, and I don’t enjoy feeling stupid.

On the costume side of things:

Hot damn that costume department did a good job. All the female (even the rabid ones) looked amazingly regal, regardless of what the budget was.

As a Christian the end of the movie literally gave me chills. The most epic movie that I have seen in a mightly long time. Better than Faith Like Potatoes, or The Passion of The Christ.

I learned a really big lesson too… You reap what you sow. And I mean it.

Chao Cuba!


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