Death of the “Too Tall” Platform

Another nail in the coffin for the uncomfortable shoe. Eulogy anyone? Anyone at all? “I’ll say something!” Oh you will MbaliR?  How absolutely kind of you.

“The platfrom heel taught me a lot.
It took my fashion confidence to an all time low,
because it judged my in-ability to walk sky high.
*sigh, dabble tear* I hope the fashion Gods kick its ass to eternal damnation,
I hope it is never again reincarnated!
Thank you very much, and good night”

May the doors usher in the new generation of flats, that are not neccesarily flat, or as some Fashionistas would say “Flatforms”!
#1 Fendi’s 110 mm Platform Wedges

#2 Marc Jacobs Beige 110 mm Mule Wedges

#3 Derek Lam’s Stacked Wedge

They werq pretty well paired with FW10 and SS11’s new trend of 1970s inspired minimalism, or if you seem to lack the inspiration look to 3.1 Phillip Lim and Prada Spring Summer 2011 collections…Celine, Stella McCartney, Michael Kors. Slim silhouettes, monochromatic… Skinny Belts…

Something also to note. NEON! not like how it was done in the 80s, but rather… Think Balenciaga’s Fall Winter 2010-11 collection. The peaches, and the oranges… The blues and soft hues. That is our ‘new age neon’, and I can’t wait!

HOWEVER! Patrons who are totally against this trends such as “Erin” from The Shoe Snob’s comments say: “Flat platforms remind me of the Spice Girls in the 90’s. I think this shoe would be much better without the platform. I am 5’3″ and wear flats (I love being short, I can wear killer heels without towering over others).”

Do you agree?

If yes… then join the Soul Train line with me as we say heck yes to shoes that have height but no pain. Yes to the kitten heel, and yes to the Flatform!


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