South African SaFashInt Post (Finally!)

FELIZ NUEVO ANO! Happy New Year everyone!

It seems that I have been drowning in a pool of no water…

I could not seem to fathom for the life of me, why I felt like there is soo much work when there was practically none. Anyone have the answer to that?

Philosophy aside, I have been “studying” for the upcoming interview, and subsequent employment (well… that’s what I have told myself).
Everyone should know by now that the editorship of True Love Magazine has changed. Dorah Sithole is no longer the editor, but instead, former Move Magazine editor, Sbu Mpungose is the new editor.

I have to say that I would have probably guessed that this editor was from Move without even reading her online resume. In fact, as I read my first 2011 (The February Edition, with Judith Sephuma on the cover) copy of True Love, I detected a hint of Move and didn’t know whether  I was just being odd, or judgmental. Then I went back to the editors letter, and checked the autograph.

The magazine has changed a great deal since I last read it in January 2010, when I fell in love with Mbali Soga’s (Fashion Editor) body of work. Now it seems to have bi-polar disorder, or some form of schitzophrenia. One minute it is True Love, afro chicness and all, the next it reminds me of Cosmopolitan, then theres a hint of Marie Claire (Bitch In the Boardroom Kagiso Msimango suggests to sleep your way to the top), then its Move-ness comes out with articles such as Muthi and The Modern Woman. I must be completely out of tune with the demographic that the mag is trying to reach, or perhaps the year has gotten off to a slow start.

Some NEW! (and I state this knowing very well that to the avid True Love reader, what I am about to say is not very new at all) additions includes something that I suppose was inspired by the ever regal Harper’s Bazaar’s – Fabulous At Any Age.

True Love’s Version

The entire contents of the book were outshone by Woolworth’s advetorial… and the magazine was a little too thin for R20.95

What do you all think?


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