On To The Next One!

As Jay-H to the O, V to the Ay once said: “Whatever you’re about to discover, I’m off that!” And I find at this very moment that me shares those sentiments.

Whilst most SA fashion bloggers are admiring th!e amazement trends of FW1O. 

I am sucking out the last marrow in the bone of my summer (and if global warming serves me well), the summer may just last a little longer, for me to wear some of the sartorial inspiration from the S/S11 shows.

Vogue UK has come out with the coolest spread showcasing well what this summer is all about. THE FLATFORM! (and Tufees school shoes)… Sasha Pivovarova gave one heck of a lively performance, and the whole thing was Styled by Kate Phelan, Viste! Perhaps I will break mine out of their proverbial prison, and wear them again. It does not seem highly unlikely that if potential bosses see yon moi wearing school shoes ( hehehe) they might feel sorry for me, and hire me out of obligation. Or they might catch on to the act, and confiscate my diplomatic passport, forcing me to spend a night in a detention centre, contemplating my fraud.

Bernard Maddoff has turned me into a forward thinker…


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