Back to the future

What’s the best way to express your utter enthusiasm about the beginning of a season?

  1. A shopping spree?
  2. A birthday gift to yourself (even if it’s not your birthday)?
  3. Collage?
  4. Save money?

I don’t know. Perhaps a mixture of all the above. Perhaps…

The women’s fall-winter 2011 runway season started in New York more than a week ago with more than 100 shows. Marc Jacobs’ FW11 collection is what is restoring my enthusiasm about seasons. Not the muted collection per se, but rather what it stands for. When I first saw the coin dot pattern, and “hmmed” and “hawwed”, but that’s hardly and “ooh” and “aaah”. It’s merely an acknowledgement of the existance of the collection… BUT upon closer inspection, one sees…COIN DOT PATTERNS and all I can think about is the many deposit slips that I have had to submit for this, for that. MONEY! Saving money..

My thought process is not making much sense but Ashlee Olsen helps me put it in a few words. (for such chic-ettude she looks very nonchalant)


When I saw the circley, coin dot, poker chip sequins, whatever you have been raised to call it, detailing on Marc Jacobs’ work… All I could think about was Nicolas Ghesquiere’s previous collection. The one for which the sweater and skirt that Ashlee Olsen is wearing was from… THIS ONE

Futurism… Elegance (parisian chic on the part of Jacobs), and complete edginess…. I CANT WAIT FOR THE WINTER TO BEGIN!!!


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