Joburg Fashion Week: Thula Sindi FW11

Last year upon saying even the slightest (mean spirited so I was told) less than nice thing about Thula Sindi, I was forced into a slumbering hybernation, where nightmares of witch hunts – in which I was the witch in question- haunted me, and at some point I swore I heard the jeers of an angry mob in my sleep.

I would like to put those sad sad memories behind me now, and officially review Thula Sindi’s FW11 collection from the Johannesburg Art Gallery, and with heart beat racing, and palms sweating, I can see why I have been putting it off… I am just too traumatized, and afraid of any retribution (so thank goodness I did nothing fashionable Saturday evening, or should I say Sunday morning – wink wink).


It would appear as though my nerves are for naught. From what I can tell… The design aesthetic is somewhat of a 60s Ladylike, and yet this Lady suffers from some form of a multiple personality disorder, as she cannot decide whether she want to be feminine, or femme-fatale! I LOVE IT!

I love the modesty of the hemline paired with the suggestiveness of the top which has the lace sleeves… Is she going to a funeral? Is she happy that she killed her husband?

Thank you two MNet, Thula Sindi and Mad Men for keeping things chic, simplistic, as this is the year of the minimalism revival… See: Stella McCartney, Celine, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Dior, Hermes, Michael Kors

However whimsical the collection was (and it was, when he strayed from the cheap satins, poly-fibers and nylons), some pieces were perhaps a touch too avant-garde for my taste, but however, the execution was marvelous.

Exhibit A

The hemline is just a touch too high on the right side, however, as I have already stated, she has a hint of schizophrenia, or she was caught in a taxi cab and it drove away with the other section of the dress. Not a fan, but I WOULD certainly wear that skirt with a petticoat or utilize some form of layering mechanism with it. It provides a styling challenge, one that I would certainly enjoy. It’s all too easy to dismiss a dress as ugly, but what about diagnosing myself as un-imaginative?

70s Glamour

The seventies are all too often associated with Hippies, Lennon, and Hendrix, but there too was a glamorous side to the seventies. One of Opulance, and shiny materials… One that Thula Sindi was very clearly channeling, far far away from the stereotypical “bohemian” aesthetic.

One of the major trends of the seventies was bow blouses, and 3 dimensional florals (or what some fashionistas of New York Fashion Week have penned: “Real Florals”) and all the above are displayed in this creation of whimsy. The pieces are most definately Simplistic, Minimalistic… Perhaps Thula was purging himself of any thoughts of excessiveness, or perhaps his subconscious mind had linked him to that of the many designers who debutted their lines in New York almost 2 weeks ago. Either way, this is a Thula Sindi that I as Mbali.r can get used to…

This image gives me a Stella McCartney, Michael Kors feel. Its youthfull, fresh, and whimsical, always whimsical, in keeping with the 70s Glamour style of regarde!! A mi me encanta esa colleccion mucho. Quiero ver mas de ese tipo de trabajo siempre con sus desenos!!

YES you may take a bow… BOW!

I would like to officially apologize for my hastiness… Every artist has their season, and you by far are ruling the runways in the Fall and Winter.


image source: AFI


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