rape is caused by


One thought on “rape is caused by

  1. Considering that MEN are raped more in the US than women, i don’t see how the misogyny can apply ALSO women commit rape themselves typically against young boys but they have had cases of women raping men when they were unconscious.
    Rape is a crime that can be committed by BOTH genders and like ANY crime it’s typically performed when it opportunistic for the perp..so if a woman thinks being half-naked,drunk and alone at 3:00am is smart then that is on them.
    A criminal(male or female) does not care about “rights” that’s why they are criminals..so because of that I make sure i lock my doors,own guns ,be mindful of my surroundings and people I can’t be naive and think “oh someone doesn’t have a right to rob me so they won’t”

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