Joburg Fashion Week FW11 Trends #1

Johannesburg Fashion Week may have passed so quickly, that it seems akin to a figment of my imagination. Much as it came and went, we can always thankfully refer back to photographs to prove to the imagination (and largely oneself) that it really did happen.

Speaking of things that were happening. As I browsed to see what the major (less reported) trends of our runways were, I found it exceedingly refreshing how a new year, and further globalization has allowed our designers to not only be creative, but even dare I say it, on trend, and internationally competitive. To prove my point, I refer to a few of the trends that are not just South African, but universal (thanks also in part to New York Fashion Week 2011).

Fur (Ladylike, Grunge, et al.)
Fantasy, Costume, Faux… Whatever you like to call it, it was major on our runways. Now I hear you muttering; “Fur? For winter? Groundbreaking!” as nonchalantly as you can imagine, but may I just point out that in the context of my location, it truly is groundbreaking!!!

First up:

Spero Villioti

Whilst most of the collection was a minimalist grunge aesthetic, I quite liked how the floral dresses harkened back to the Ralph Lauren of yester-year (2010 Fall Winter).

My absolute favourite Villioni piece has to be their gold Brocade Blazer. It gives a great  Spring Summery, Fall Wintery, Balmain-esque touch to a greatly biker chic collection.

As worn by Blair Waldorf in an episode of Gossip Girl

Episode: "It-Girl Happened One Night"

The Fur and Matellic is an opulant end to a somewhat goth and grunge collection, where-as the aforementioned florals provide a lovely feminine contrast to an otherwise hard, and masculine setting.


Abigail Betz

I really liked this collection because I could literally feel the strong sixties influence. It is unpretentious, simplistic, and exquisitely feminine. Beautiful!

She's A Lady!

It would be awfully ignorant to not point out how this collection truly harkened back to the Prada and Louis Vuitton FW Collections of 2010. It would just be an unforgivable oversight!

Prada Ad Campaign


Full-skirted dresses, A-line skirts and Princess line coats – the wardrobe staples of many fuller-figured women… Abigail Betz has a good head on her shoulders since she gave us options instead of merely walking big girls down the runway in poorly fitting outfits. Its a lovely change! Granted these women are anything BUT big girls, but the runway has always been more about possibility and fantasy. Not about projecting unhealthy images (both big and skinny) to both men and women world-wide.

Join me tomorrow as I continue on my reviews of Fall Winter Johannesburg.


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