Joburg Fashion Week FW11 Trends #2

The Cape is a winter’s bet!

Much as I would love to make a post purely on the wonders of Cape Town, this is very much nothing to do with geography, and everything to do with fashion.
One of the most interesting things to note was that the Cape Coat was pretty huge during Joburg Fashion Week, and I have two of my favourite collections to prove it.

#1 Heni

There were many avant-garde pieces in the collection, but I guess the safer less man repelling side of me desides to keep with the more pret-a-porter trends of his Capes. Vivre!!

*Nun* other than the coat


I especially love how the following is a sheer cape? Oh the many things I would drape it over…

#2 Grapevine

This is literally my favourite cape coat. No words…

Hi high fashion

Pulling it off  Sartorially is a breeze…. See? Not so much a literal convent interpretation, rather creativity, and “how to make a habit look haute!”

Image Source: Flikr, AFI


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