Since I have been on hiatus, it hasn’t really occurred to me much that the 2nd of this month was SaFashInt’s 1st birthday… Like my blog turned one, and I totally ignored that simple fact. I have the fondest memory of starting my blogging journey in April…APRIL?!?! That’s like my mother constantly assuming I am turning 22 in December, when I have not even reached the pinnacle of my second decade on this earth (AND I very obviously am not a summer baby)… If blogs could speak, mine would be calling Child’s services…

It also brings into complete perspective mine own expectations about this entire experience. For one, even though I did not think that it would be an instant claim to fame? Seeing as people who actually get to travel, and are well versed in Fashionologie, I hoped that this little light of mine would turn into a national space for fashionable and political debate, alas the process has been rather…Slow.

My first ever post was entitled: Fin Del Mundo!!! aka “It’s The End of the World!!!” in uppercase letters no less.
The topic of discussion: Climatic, and Financial turmoil in….Japan! I cannot believe it either. Does it not seem like such an awful coincidence that my first post expressed deem concern and sympathy for the people of Japan, and now, I am pressed to repeat my words.

The biggest freeze in Europe since the great depression… The worst Earthquake in Haiti, Another Earthquake in Chile… I almost don’t want to say it, but I think that the Japanese need to also be a little alarmed since they are also in a “hot spot” and be on Tsunami watch. It seems like they cannot seem to catch a break, not so? The Recession hits them the hardest (well next to Iceland ofcourse), and now they have to deal with nature too…
The world is ending… I am telling you!

I wish I could swing the topic into lighter affairs, but I’d rather pray that no more people turn up dead… Tens of thousands is enough souls to perish in a natural disaster… Enough!

My hope is that there will be no more catastrophes of this nuclear and natural magnitude.


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