what a day…

Long time no post.  I get it…

So there’s been a whole lot of brewhahaha-hahahahaha about South Africa super-model Candice Swanepoel. “Her angel wings are going to get clipped…” “She’s too skinny..”, or my personal favourite: “She needs to eat a burger!”, why can’t she eat fried tofu, and that still be satisfactory? Okay, more questions up ahead…

Why is her being her current size such a big deal?

Chanel Iman is another Vicki’ angel, who has super chicken legs, and you don’t see people crying foul!! Adriana Lima had a skeletal frame tambien, but all you heard designers say was “Oh fabulous dahhhhhling!”
Maybe it’s just my patriotism, and yes I acknowledge that Vicki’s Known Fact is one of the biggest contracts out there, but you don’t expect Swanepoel to pay the bills with just that one pay cheque, non?

What is the average size of some of the other hard working models?

From Tanya D., to Magdalena Frackowiak (honey, search me for a spell checker), if you look at some of the most recent runways, you’d be pressed to find a high paid model who was not Swanepoel’s, or even smaller than Swanepoel’s size.

I don’t know… at the end of the day I guess the one thing that matters most to me is the happiness of said model, and if she is having her proverbial wings clipped in order to…oh I don’t know… be the face of an ad Campaign, be featured in Vogue editorials, DO MORE HIGH FASHION STUFF… Then if I were her, I’d let those feathers go, and grab a Fendi fur coat instead!

But that’s just me….



image source:

little plastic horses

gossip center


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