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Harper’s Bazaar, May Issue.

Lady Gaga is on the cover. I was really tempted to buy Vogue Britannia from Woolworths at Clear Water Mall in Roodepoort, but I decided against it. Instead, I am contending with CNA’s Bazaar. Most people don’t believe me that I only have two copies of Vogue for my whole life…

Truth is, and Miss Anna might kill me for saying it, but Vogue is just a little banal, and it fast disappearing into the wilderness of magazines that have reached their last dying breath. (And I am not saying that just because Vogue doesn’t feature Kim Kardashian, lol) – that is, unless they find a way to modernize (it took them long enough to get a website), and stay ahead of the publishing wolf-packs.

More Images of Gaga in Bazaar:


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