Att. All Readers

Abigail Betz, Fall Winter 2011

Abigail Betz is looking for a new intern, she tweeted it this morning. If you feel that you are a confident, strong, feline that can handle anything related to the developing fashion industry in S.A, then I strong suggest that you follow these subsequent directions.

  1. Compile a simplistic resume about yourself, and do not forget to mention any special gifts that you might have, i.e Speaking more than one foreign (European) language.
  2. Create a curriculum vitae. Here you just need to mention your scholastic achievements.
  3. Email it to:

If you want to know more about the company, you can read my oh so flattering *cough, rewiew of their Fall/Winter collection, and aclimatize yourself to their worldly website

Remember: If it’s relevant, you’ll find it here.

Stay tuned, y que tenga un buen dia!


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