How To Respond To Theft:

Everyone who is anyone knows fa-sheezy that WhoWhatWear is the most bitchin’ collage fashion blog on the web. Next to, the creators of WhoWhatWear are probably the go to girls for IMAGE-ination… Why am I talking about this?

Well… as my headline would probably allude to my next statement, this verbal, or rather written diarhorrea is caused by the fact that the ladies of WhoWhatWear NEVER claim to be the photographers of the images, IN-FACT they credit their image sources at the end of every post (as does any other blogger worth their weight in fashion gold). Unfortunately, that piece of nettiquete is sadly lost upon the other minions of the net.

Case in point: Cool & Chic Style Fashion

This sad sad little person CLEARLY does not know anything about what happens to bandwidth thieves, and plagiarises… Let alone PEOPLE WHO STEAL MY COLLAGES and try to pass them up as their own….

Remember this image:

It like took me a while to create it (hey, I have been on a photoshop sabbatical after all), and to have this filth just take my collage AND NOT CREDIT ME, well… AGAIN I should probably learn from this non? I will take it down so that it is not available online, and from now, any collage that I make will have SaFashInt tattooed all over it (tacky as that looks).

I am just LIVID!


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