Arab Labour…

When I was still living in Cuba, every odd insomnia(tic?) evening, I used to find myself passing the time by with a hilarious, probably realistic, drama about what life is like for Palestinians living in a culturally divided Israel, and how do they compete in an already prejudiced society, without having to completely lose themselves.

It was hilarious to watch the lead character Amjad negotiate daily life, and making choices that some of us would not have to think too hard about like, what sort of a car to not drive, as this is a car an Israeli would never be caught dead in…

Jokes aside, life is always challenging with social taboos, and the automatic assumptions of malice from society, but how about living as a the taboo yourself? Surely that is not without its difficulties!

And thus the basis of this post. It’s been a long time coming, but I just wouldn’t have felt right if I did not speak about this:

As a South African, it makes me proud to know, and to say that we by far (in the entirety of the world) have the most humanistic constitution, and probably the most progressive society, considering just how far we have come in mantaining human rights, and dignity for all.

Enter; My Fellow Americans, a video that I have been fortunate to be alerted about.

An endeavor by Unity Productions Foundation that is helping  to lift the veil on the small yet impactful community that is first and foremost, American, and secondly Muslim, but most importantly, fighting to uphold the rights of the marginalised group of Muslims who are facing the exact same dilemma as Amjad in Arab labour, which are:

To assimilate, and lose the very thing within your DNA that got you to the point where you are, or to be a Muslim American, who can demonstrate to others just how irrational their fears are?

The choice is now yours reader… Are you going to allow prejudice to win, or are you at least going to watch the video (it’s only two minutes), and choose for yourself?

My Fellow American.


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