I know I decided to can this wordpress for a tumblr, but I received an email from the webmasters that reminded me once again why it is that I did this in the first place….

So coming back to me… Here’s what I want to talk about today, post excessive Mincing, and track downloading:


Synthesis: Don’t really hate it, but it sounds too much like it was meant to be a Loud Deluxe than a fresh album. Its actually really painful.
Here are the tracks that I like, and have bothered to download;

  1. Talk That Talk
    Different, reminds me of the track “Shy Ronnie 2 Ronnie & Clyde” that was on her Loud album… OMG I am sounding like a Stan, but it’s tolerable… Vocally? It’s Rihanna…
  2. Cockiness (Love It)
    It’s #50-something on the iTunes Charts, and rauchy as it is… Its not a bad track
  3.  We All Want Love
    One sentence: “California King Bed”… Again. It sounds like the Loud Album, and perhaps they should have just let it be that way.
  4. Roc Me Out
    Is she trying to say that she is leaving Roc-A-Fella? Just Kidding. The track sounds like Rude Boy, and that annoys me a little, but again, it’s Rihanna.
  5. Farewell
    Either I’m tone deaf, or this one sounds like California King Bed too… Déjà vu?

So there… If it’s something you consider purchasing for Christmas, buy the mp3 tracks, it’s cheaper, and you’ll hate yourself less.

As I have already stated to my friends; it’s Rihanna so, whether you hate the album or not, you’ll just have to get used to it, because she has great marketing in her camp.


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