Let’s Grow Up!

I think that’s what I said to a friend of mine in the 5th grade, when we realized that the 6th grade was the year of leadership recruitment… I decided that the only way to become a leader, was to be mature. To lead meant (to me) to leave behind childish things, and start acting more like a grown up.

I am writing this because, my blogging has afforded me the opportunity to write for Exchange Magazine. This is an opportunity that I guess would have passed me by, if I had not had the courage to dream, and perseverance to ignore people that told me “I was a nobody from nowhere”, or that: “They too have friends in high places, and are going to make sure that my career goes nowhere”.

Thank you to you, and your imaturity Sir/Madam, but the only way that You,I, and anyone else for that matter can move forward in life is by doing the following;
We need to leave behind childish things, i.e Rivalries, and Slander.

Let’s grow up!

image source: flickr.com


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