GPOY Tuesday

So I was checking my muscle building progress photos… And I stumbled upon pictures that I had taken whilst writing my final exams last year.

Well you know what they say about legitimacy and quiting… You don’t?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record: I’m just too legit to quit! This is probably my favorite outfit, and every time I wear it, my roomy breaks out in the hook of Rihanna’s S&M <– Na na na na!

I love this ensemble, but I also love what Miroslava Duma wears her Orange (tangerine? mandarin? peach?) Sleeveless jacket with – She wears it like a dress, adorbz!

Never been a color person able to name colours, thus the basis of the appeal of this name; Na na na na!
*Disclaimer: GPOY Tuesday pictures are seldom HQ, so forgive the quality disparity between Miroslava, and myself.


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