Respect, a confession.

I totally respect your decision to never come back here, since it would appear that I don’t respect you enough to update the filing cabinet that is the thoughts in my mind…
(What am I saying?)
I have seen and envied other blaggers for being able to constantly update. For staying fabulous, and (skinny) being able to fill their blogs with personal style photography that is editorial quality.

The thing is, this envy has made me quiet frustrated with the realization that I may not be able to bring the same caliber of work to SaFashInt, and to be quiet honest, that just plain makes me mad. I want to do so very much here, and I feel such a heavy hankering to do that.
It’s this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that; the more I move on with my life, and places that my writing takes me to, I just can’t seem to take SaFashInt with me.

It used to be so easy… Yes, I said easy. Even in the middle of political embargoes, and communism, I was able to dish fashion that was fresher than tamales, but now it’s become so hard. SaFashInt is weighing me down, or rather, I can’t seem to successfully intergrate it into my life, and what that has meant so far is; sporadic updates, and broken promises, both to you my readers (and thanks to my site stats, you still exist), and to myself.

This is not goodbye. Far from it, in-fact. This is just to say thank you. Thank you all for sticking with me, and tolerating even the intolerable, namely.. This!
Whilst most people have suggested that I move to Tumblr, which would allow me to reblog things, even if there wasn’t must cerebral processing behind it, I refuse.

I refuse to be reduced to reproducing other people’s work. SaFashInt is my home. A place where I have been able to define my style, in this crazy world where everyday a Fashion Blogger is Born. I found my voice, and I’ll be damned if I force my readers to follow me on a whim.

This is home. Come hell or high water. Come publication, or online magazine. No matter what happens, I am SaFashInt, and SaFashInt lives in me.

Please respect that.


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