Arivé the Olympians

This editorial was most inspiring for me, until I realized (quiet late in-fact) that it was Chloé Sevigny, who you can bet I have had on SaFashInt before, on the cover of OUT Magazine. *and anyone who is sane rolls their eyes. “We can already read that”, They say.
I think the irony of it all is based on the fact that I used to enjoy – a lot, LOGO, and now I am reading OUT Magazine. To some onlookers, I have personal matters that I perhaps have not made peace with. My family and I joked about the likelihood of me being a lipstick Lesbian (and I just took their confidence in the “fact” in my stride, surprizingly, as I know that it did not come from a place of malice).

I know who I am. I am neither out or IN anything. I am who I am… And if it ever be, that I discover that; I am not who I thought I was, then so be it!

On a more light-hearted note, I believe the theme is the Olympics, but to be completely honest, nothing will EVER come close to the spectacle in Beijing in 2008. Sorry.

Read the interview and see more photos on


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