Mr Price

Or Mr. P, as they’d like to be known now, is finally online.

I actually went to the physical store yesterday, and yup, it looks like they are not trying to turn us into hermits anytime soon.
There are some things which you can find online, which are not at the store, but the reverse is also true!
Basically, go to the store, because it’s R10 less for every item, and you might actually find something that you didn’t see online. (I bought me some denims, so I’d know)
And YET; Go online for the convenience, and some items which may already be sold out at your local store. (Went to find some more activewear for my Pilates, and there was practically nothing)

This is the perfect balance for people like me who would either, not go online, or not go to the physical store if I had the choice, and they make sure that we don’t have one.

Note: Mr. Prices are actually not the same country-wide. I went to the one at Menlyn Mall yesterday, and today I’m off to scope the place out at The Mall @ Reds, just before lunch hour, aka Peak Hour, so wish me luck!


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