Marant Mirror

There comes a time where every fashionable person asks themselves the following question:

Shall I continue blindly following trends, and if so, when will I finally start wearing things that make me feel good?


Have I not outgrown this thing that we call; “Fashion”?

I had a moment like that some time earlier this year. A time when you realize that life is more than just pretty skirts, and bitchy shoes. Where your skin begins to revolt from all those late nights of rebellion. From when your waist turns against you from all those years of the Yo-yo.
But I have managed to come out on the other side of that midfashion crisis, and I’ve got to tell you, it feels like an epiphany.

This Isabel Marant ad mirrors that feeling perfectly. Effortless, Chic, Androgynous… The essence of SaFashInt anew.


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