What Have I done, episode 2

And in another installment of “What the hell have I gotten myself into”, by buying something that’s so risque…

Mama (that’s moi) went and bought herself a pair of Maroon Leather Pants, ya’ll (Vintage, from Rags and Lace), and now I have no idea what I can possibly wear them with to make them LESS formal. Everything that I wear them with ends up looking like this editorial (you might ask yourself if that’s such a bad thing),

Nathalia Oliveira for Elegance Magazine, Netherlands September 2012

I love how unlike the Rag and Bone, or Balmain alternatives, my leather pants have a looser fit (quite 90s Minimalist revival), and for that reason, I find them to be far more versatile, but I need to learn to find more casual alternatives, without looking like a Hell’s Angels reject, plus Winter is almost over.


4 thoughts on “What Have I done, episode 2

  1. ok – i have a black leather pants and to make it more casual – I throw over a white slouchy t.shirt.and use them with sparkly high tops sneakers to keep it really casual.
    my sister has a red leather one and she uses them with a cream or of white top -something simple and gold pumps.hair is kept simple with a high ponytail or left loose

    • OMG YESS! I tried the slouchy tee (mine was grey, though), and half tucked it in, but I haven’t tried it with sneakers (I’m going to make a mental note to try, once my Isabel Marant Bekkets arrive)
      You and your sister have some serious style! Do you blog?

      • oh no honey,no time to blog -would love to do that -my sis and I are serious fashionistas and shopaholics.I must admit I am a blogaholic,addicted to quite a few and follow you as well.Cant wait to see you with your marant sneakers please post pics.

  2. I am having mental hernias waiting on the shipment, but I am definitely going to photograph them AT LEAST once. You seem really keen on fashion, and I don’t really like sharing (too much) my secret places, where I find things, but I think I can trust you *looks around*. You should check out Facebook.com/jozi.hi.street, they hooked me up with the sneakers (Personal Shopper service), and they have this page called: “Friends of Hi! Street” facebook.com/friends.hi.street
    I think I’ll elaborate on it in a post, but there’s something about spilling tea on my favourite stores, that makes me “think” that somehow they won’t be as special, but the people deserve to know!

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