My Fashion Secret: Jozi Hi! Street

I am not ashamed to admit that when I stumble upon some good fashion, it takes me a really loong time to tell my friends about it. I am not the gal pal who’ll recommend products to friends, neither am I the one who’ll take advice readily from my friends. Lately I have been mulling over some clothing fresh off the London high street, and apart from flying overseas, there hasn’t been much of a way that I can get those items. That’s until earlier this year, when I discovered my fashion secret!

There must be something in the water, because all I want to do is share my latest obsession, and that obsession is Hi! Street, or Jozi Hi! Street to be exact.

Hi! Street, is an auction room (much like eBay) that utilizes the Facebook platform, and allows you to bid for items that are on trend on the International high street.
What is auctioned off is truly amazing, I remember last night as I was watching Top Billing (don’t ask), I watched them butcher an interpretation of the Dolce & Gabbana SS12 Collection, and I was just thinking to myself, “O_o” Hi! Street has better stuff.

Another thing that’s really awesome about Hi! Street is that you only bid on things that you actually like, since they run their stock past you (their friend) first. And you can always order things that are not on auction, but you’ve seen online.

Hi! Street calls it’s valued customers Hi! Rollers. These people get the auction catalogues before anyone else, and they can order things from U.S.A no strings attached.

To participate in auctions, all you have to do is friend them on Facebook, and to see what you could be bidding on, you just have to “like” their page. It’s called “Friends of Hi! Street”
It all seems like a lot to do for clothing, but I am not the only one who is on the Hi! Street band wagon.

  1. Fikile Moeti (Fix from 5fm) actually recommended them as one of her favourite things on Radio.
  2. They ship to ANYWHERE in S.A, so it’s not just a Jozi thing.
  3. When you first get accepted as a friend, they have a really cute tradition of welcoming you.
  4. A week before an auction their catalogues with the auction theme go “live” on Exchange Magazine’s website.
  5. There are tutorials, and they answer your questions on how to participate in auctions.

I got my “Wedge Heel Sneakers” from Hi! Street, and I remember falling in love with them when I saw Beyoncé wearing them in the Love On Top music videos… Well hers were Isabel Marant, but my ones should be here in the next two weeks, and I absolutely cannot wait.


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