An Open Letter To Alexander Wang

Dear Mr. Wang,

I would like to bring to your attention the design of your absolutely gorgeous Joan pumps. Are you aware that these are the least comfortable shoes that I have in my shoe closet? No? Well they are. Please next time ask a focus group of balance impaired women to assist in the regulation of your arch-angle, as my ankles cannot possible take it anymore.

I realize that my request for a less painful shoe is rather late, since the Joan pumps are from SS11, but please consider my suggestion in future?


Waiting listed, became sprained ankled – aka Mbalir, an avid fan

But seriously, has anyone had the same trouble with their shoes, or do I just need to commit to doing a little more Pilates? I mean, I can still get them in a smaller size (Christmas), and strengthen my core, so is it just a matter of “Shape up, or ship out”?


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