Christmas Wishlist

I’ve been feeling really good, and to tell you the truth, IDGAF if this comes off as being douchey… I feel ace after running, and after my previous run, I have been feeling so particularly good! Did my first 10k! 

I’ve been feeling so good, that I decided to make a Christmas Fitness Wishlist. I figured, that I am better off than the “Resolution Crew”, not that there’s anything wrong with making the New Years Resolution to get fit! I just avoid making those kinds of decisions…

I digress. My friends have gotten tired of me moaning about not having enough money to retire my shoes, but I’ve left enough hints, I guess that maybe someone will pity me, and get me one pair. I am not specific, in-fact, when I was shopping (window) around, my main categories were;

  1. Are they running shoes?
  2. Are they lightweight, but good enough to be worn in the winter-time?
  3. Do they have sufficient cushioning?
  4. Can I use them to run marathons?

There are heaps more, but I think that this little wishlist will do for now.


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