The Wagon Never Looked So Good

This past month has been so stressful. I cannot lie, I’ve been skimping on working out, and I’ve pretty much been mistreating my body. I have fallen off the wagon, and watched it roll away into yonder horizon, without so much as a pause to see if the driver sees my sad condition.

Enough of that feeling sorry for myself. Besides eating dirty, and training nerdy (aka not at all), I’ve been putting so much emotional strain, that I can actually feel the impending doom of a breakdown from one of the links in my stress chain breaking, in essence, I’ve been behaving very very badly!

Since I’ve been bored with my current set-up, I think it’s time to give new techniques, new tools, and new times a go, whilst I figure out how to trick my body into liking the process of working out, all over again.

I have wanted to try Slimkicker, since it was brought to my attention, but never made enough time for it. It apparently is a new incentive based system that should MAKE ME want to eat right, and reward me for being the only one amongst my friends who does so…

Join Groups, Enter Challenges, and Earn Points >>> For Type A personalities, like myself, this is really just what I’ve been looking for

Off the bat it looks really cool. If you know how to use Facebook, and you know how to use Tumblr, you’ll know how to use Slimkicker! I’m really excited to join groups, and get in-touch with other Slim-kickers (that’s what I’m going to call them from now on).

Sal nie wees nie… Heck no!

I want to give it a go, if only to shock my system into right action all over again, and of-course to say nee-ner nee-ner to all my friends who had been retaining good habits, whilst I indulged on ginger flavoured hot cocoa.

JOIN IN WITH ME, and let’s support each other. Find me @Mbalir on Slimkicker!


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