I’m OFF!

On to a journey of self discovery, and potential narcissism.

Oscar Wilde has been quoted as stating that:  “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”

And it is these words that give me the courage to pursue the next step in my quest of complete self-understanding with a smidge of insufferableness.

Thank you all so very much for having stuck it out with me, but as I already stated in “life is meant to be fun” – a post entirely dedicated to complete gratuitous pictures of myself, as the subject for my self-taught photographic journey, things are changing.

I am learning new things, and although SaFashInt has been my home since I was 18 years old, I am 22 now, and even though it feels like I am doing this growth in somewhat of a senescence, I think it’s best that I just start afresh, with something that really and truly encompasses all aspects of my personality;

From student life, to Entrepreneurship, Internships, and all my greatest loves.

Although I sort of already give entrepreneurial tips on Exchange Magazine SA’s “Editor’s Blog” (so check it out), and speak a little about my social anxiety, those are topics that I have found exceptionally difficult to tackle, or discuss here on SaFashInt, as this has always been like Wonderland for me.

A place to escape to, and not necessarily a place to vent, or show off my true personality. Internationalism rarely allows much subjectivity, and I am not that, that much, anymore…

SaFashInt Goodbye

I’ll come back to update you all once I’ve settled into my new home, but for now it’ll be goodbye.


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