Mbalir, or as she was fondly named in her younger years: ” Beaded Silver Spoon”, is a socially conscious writer who’s works show her interest in all things wordly.

From her affliction with Wall Street Worship, to being a Fashionphile, eclectic and avant-garde. People should expect to see things that are obvious, things that no one wants to say, but everyone knows, and subtle more funny musings on everyday life in the global village.

Those who choose to take her seriously when she utters: “Fin del mundo!” can choose to do so at their own peril…
The writer has been fortunate enough (hence the name) to have been able to see France, Spain, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and U.S.A in her short but oh so eventful life.

She had a website at the tender age of 13, but stopped with the online thing to pursue interpersonal skills, until a cool little tool called blogging was invented… Which she only started to take seriously at the age of 16 (2007).
Doesn’t writing in third person make me seem just more interesting?
Stay tuned…


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  1. I think I have some information that may interest you, could you please provide me with an email address so I can send you some information


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